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Product Details

FloDrain® is a prefabricated subsoil drainage system comprising Flownet® drainage core wrapped in a bidim® geotextile filter jacket, to which a Kaypipe® geopipe is added.

The system offers ease of installation, is flexible and comprises a lightweight product (cheap and easy to transport). It is used as an alternative to the conventional aggregate drain and in successfully lowering the water table or intercepting seepage in a wide range of applications including:

FloDrain® can be successfully used in the lowering of the water table or intercepting seepage in a wide range of applications.
  • Features
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible and lightweight (cheap and easy to transport)
  • An alternative to conventional aggregate drainage
FloDrain® is successfully used in:
  • Roadside edge drains
  • Railtrack formation edge drainage
  • Sportsfields, golf courses, tennis courts, bowling greens
  • Behind retaining walls and bridge abutments
  • Behind flexible retaining wall structures
  • Around buildings and structures
  • Courtyards, embankments and driveways
  • Agricultural lands

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