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This series comprises 7 SAICE-ECSA accredited CPD lectures, each divided into shorter segments. You can complete each lecture in stages, or simply click through to the next segment and complete it in one sitting.

  • Please note that the lectures are no longer accrredited by SAIBD and SACAP as stated in the introductory of geosynthetics lecture.


Only 1 stipulation: you must start with the introductory lecture #1. Thereafter, you can complete the others in any order you wish.

Once you’ve watched an entire lecture, click through to the questionnaire to claim your CPD points. You’ll be able to download and print your CPD certificate straight afterwards.

The 7 lectures are:

1. Introduction to Geosynthetics
2. Filtration and Drainage with Geosynthetics
3. Erosion Control with Geosynthetics
4. Soil Reinforcement with Geosynthetics
5. Lining Systems with Geosynthetic Clay Linings (GCLs)
6. Bitumen-Based Formed In-Situ Dam Lining with Geosynthetics
7. Road Pavement Maintenance with Geosynthetics

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