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TenCate Geotube

Product Details

Geotube® is one of the most versatile sludge dewatering systems available.  Volume reduction can be as much as 90% with high solid levels that make removal and disposal easy.  No belts or gears required.  Geotube® is available in various sizes depending on your sludge volume and available space.

Geotube® can be used for sludge dewatering in:

  • environmental remediation,
  • pulp and paper mills,
  • mining and mineral processing,
  • power generation by-products like fly ash
  • waste water treatment works
  • light industrial applications
  • animal waste and agricultural process sludges
  • aquaculture such as re-circulation waste removal for hatcheries

Geotube sludge dewatering bags


  • Geotube Sludge Dewatering brochure
  • Geotube Sludge Dewatering Data Sheet
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