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Sealmac® for roads

Product Details

Sealmac® is a nonwoven, spunbonded, continuous filament, double needlepunched, polyester geotextile.

The Sealmac® Road Rehabilitation System provides a single procedure to both seal and strengthen a distressed pavement.

The Sealmac® Paved Road System is used in upgrading and paving low volume gravel roads without importing expensive new base course material.

Sealmac road surface bitumen solution


  • Sealmac Roads brochure
  • Sealmac installation guidelines
  • Sealmac road patch simplified installation guidelines
  • Sealmac Data Sheet

Case Studies - Road Maintenance / Rehabilitation

  • Main Road, Delareyville resurfacing
  • Hilton New Life Hospital

    When the quiet neighbourhood road became the access road to a new hospital, its surface needed repair to deal with increased traffic volume.

  • N1 Winburg

    A large-scale surface repair was needed that'd prevent water ingress.

  • N1 Bloem

    Sealmac strips were installed to prevent crocodile cracks from potentially becoming potholes on this busy national highway.

  • N1 Polokwane

    After a truck explosion severely damaged the national route just before Easter weekend, a fast and effective solution was sought.

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