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Our core product, bidim is a continuous filament nonwoven needlepunched geotextile. It is manufactured of 100% recycled polyester from discarded cool-drink bottles. Its versatility sees it used in various applications from erosion control against tidal action, to reinforcing earth retaining structures, to separation in railway applications, to subsoil drainage in roads and homes, to liner protection in raw water dams, and more.  Made in South Africa.

See also Geotextiles as Filters brochure for more information.

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Case Studies - Erosion Control

  • N2 Sundays River Bridge

    In order to ease the traffic flow along this section of the national road, a twin bridge was planned to carry westbound traffic. Construction of a temporary construction platform was required for piling equipment access. This platform was constructed of dune sand which needed to be contained.

Case Studies - Hydraulic Construction

Case Studies - Filtration and Drainage

  • Illovo Boulevard
  • Bronx Silica stockpile
  • Annlin Reservoir
  • The Glen
  • Summerveld Equestrian Track
  • Nsese to IOF Raw Water Pipeline
  • N1 Pienaarsrivier to Bela Bela

    bidim and Flo-pipe roadside subsoil drain

  • Mamelodi Mall

    using TriAx, bidim, Flo-Drain, Rockgrid PC

  • Waterfall Equestrian Estate

    drainage for an eco estate unit's rooftop garden using bidim, Flownet, Kaytape

Case Studies - Reinforcement & Separation

Case Studies - Water & Waste Containment

Case Studies - Other

  • Old Municipal Building Pretoria
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