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bidim® Flashpack®

Product Details

Convenient bidim® Flashpack® is for domestic use in the house and garden.  It separates, filters, and drains.



  • In small ponds, bidim® is used as a waterproofing membrane.
  • In gravel paths, bidim® prevents the natural soil from mixing with the sand or gravel and reduces maintenance.
  • In play area sandpits, bidim® prevents the natural soil from mixing with the silica sand and reduces maintenance.
  • In window boxes, bidim® separates the drainage course from the top soil and prevents particles entering the outlet system.
  • In drainage, bidim® envelops the drain trench and improves the efficiency of the drain by holding back the fine soil particles.
  • In paving, bidim® ensures correct drainage and prevents subsidence.

roof garden; window boxes; paving; garden path; drainage



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