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Kaytech is proud to announce their recent move up the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) status ladder from Level 5 to Level 4. In order to achieve this new level, several changes have been implemented into the way Kaytech conducts its business

Tracey Thompson, Kaytech’s Head of Enterprise Development, offers some insight into the positive transformations that have taken place at Kaytech and what this means for the business.

What changes has Kaytech implemented in order to achieve this status?

Greater emphasis has been placed on Skills Development: Althought Kaytech has always been committed to skills development and training of our own employees, over the past two years we have pushed ourselves to take more accountability for unemployment in the country and strive to play a part in the creation of jobs (however small our impact). In line with this goal, we have implemented nine unemployed learnerships and offered two engineering bursaries over this time period.

“Empowering the individual means empowering the Nation.”

How have these changes impacted the business?

Skills: Skills programmes for the unemployed not only boost the education and employability of the learners but also strengthen the skills pool from which Kaytech ultimately employs. This process aims to promote a meaningful employer-employee relationship.

What does this new BBBEE status mean for Kaytech and its customers? 

For Kaytech: Kaytech views B-BBEE as the cog behind the broader transformation objective in South Africa; contributing to the growth, development and stability in our economy and enabling our country to reach its full economic potential. Our B-BBEE status represents our commitment to social and economic transformation.

For our customers: For every R1 spent with Kaytech, our South African customers are able to claim R1 towards their B-BBEE procurement spend. Ultimately, this means an improved B-BBEE score for them.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

Do you have any other interesting news to report?

In keeping with our commitment to job creation, Kaytech is excited about the launch of the new YES initiative. Watch this space!

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