Waterproof ponds, water features and dams

Picture this.  A landscaped garden with a flowing water feature and you relaxing in your chair in the sun.  A week later, the water feature’s level is looking low. A month later you receive your water bill.  (Luckily you’re sitting down.)

Leaking ponds are difficult to repair and costly to maintain if they’re not waterproofed properly to start.  Enter bidim and bitumen.  Ponds, water features, and dams

Nightmare avoided.

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  1. Mark says:

    How can I get a quote for the required product to seal my 30 x 20m dam? I live in Cape Town but dam is on farm near calitzdorp.
    Dam around 2m deep.

  2. Hi there.
    I have a water feature that is licking and I need to fix it. I leave in Northcliff Johannesbug. Do you offer your services in my area?

    • Kaytech Marketing says:

      Hi Dimitris

      We don’t do installations or repairs; we supply the product. I’ve forwarded your enquiry onto our Jhb sales office to help out with a contact.

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