Geotextiles in mining

Ever since mining began in South Africa in the 1860s and the subsequent discovery of the Cullinan diamond in 1905, the country has been noted as one of the richest mineral resources (in such a confined area) in the world. ...Read More

B-BBEE Rating for 2016/2017

This is the first time we have been accredited on the revised B-BBEE codes, and we have managed to maintain our overall score of 78 despite the increased intricacy of these codes. This is a major achievement. On the old scoring system, we ...Read More

Our Own Running Man

  The only commonality between our FD, Damian Judge, and the internet trend, The Running Man Challenge, is in the name. Damian took on the more literal kind of running challenge a few weeks ago and completed his first Comrades Marathon. What ...Read More

Paved driveways

Prevent your paving blocks sinking into the soft ground below.  Use a bidim separation layer between the compacted soil below and the gravel base layer above. Correct drainage means the pavers will remain in place.  Use the same method as above. ...Read More

Retaining walls at home

Everyone’s heard a story of a collapsing retaining wall – an expensive exercise is cost-saving. Get your retaining wall at home done right first time by ensuring adequate drainage behind the wall. bidim and Flo-Drain are the ideal tidy ...Read More

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