Mafuze Transport for Logistics Solutions

We’ve recently appointed the services of a new logistics company to ensure the smooth operations of our deliveries within the borders of South Africa. Although Mafuze Transport is a newly registered company, the owner-manager is not new to Kaytech and has, until recently, been a dedicated member of their staff.


Aaron Ngcobo has been with us for 17 years; working his way up from stock controller for the Pinetown branch. He recently retired as national procurement officer, having brokered the purchase of local finished goods (such as pipes, gabions, geocells, pipe fittings, safety fence and others) which complement our other products manufactured in Atlantis, Cape Town.

Local Delivery and National Logistics

As owner of the new Mafuze Transport, Ngcobo’s services include running his delivery truck throughout the KZN region and working as internal broker for national logistics and on bigger truck deliveries that Mafuze’s truck cannot handle.

Our national operational demands include the movement of large volumes of product from our factory in Atlantis to any of our ten branches and distributors countrywide or directly to customer sites. As Ngcobo is experienced in truck procurement, he is the ideal person to be responsible for ensuring the reliable logistics solutions for us.

Increased bidim volumes means higher distribution demands

Exciting news is that we’re anticipating an increased volume in the production of bidim at our plant as plans are afoot to address the limited capacity of the past few years. In doing so, we recognised the need to partner with an experienced logistics company who understands our products and business in order to assist in managing the increased distribution. With the impending increased stock of bidim, we foresee the increase in demand of Mafuze Transport’s services.

Our vision is for Aaron Ngcobo to grow his business to fulfil ours and other clients’ needs to the extent that he will soon have to purchase a second truck.  Welcome, Aaron, in your new role with us.  We wish you miles of success!

Kaytech FD, Damian Judge congratulates Mafuze Transport owner, Aaron Ncgobo

Kaytech FD, Damian Judge congratulates Mafuze Transport owner, Aaron Ncgobo

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  1. Peter Davies says:

    Good to see a faithful employee being such a golden opportunity!

  2. Congratulations to Aaron! It goes to show how this industry rewards those who invest in it.

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